Are you a screenwriter producing scripts in English as your second language and struggling to express your creative vision to its fullest? Do you know your characters inside out in your own mind and language, but need a little help crafting their dialogue and action in English?

Maybe you speak English brilliantly, but need some guidance on picking just the right words for the character and context.

I can work with you to understand these nuances and help you express them effectively in your scripts and story outlines, including working collaboratively in Final Draft. Together, we can get your script to the point where you feel confident that it is conveying everything you want it to, before it lands on anyone else’s desk.

And I won’t interfere with your ideas – simply help you bring them to life.

I can also give your script a final proofread before you send it out, to pick up any last typos and make sure the language feels true to character throughout.

Gonzalo Maza

Screenwriter – A Fantastic Woman
(Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film 2018)

I write 90% of my scripts in English, even though it’s my second language. Sometimes I’m in a hurry to meet a deadline and I need to know whether some slang I’ve used in my dialogue is US or British English. Or whether an expression I’ve pulled from the depths of my mind actually exists, or I’ve just invented it. That’s where Kate comes in: she makes sure I come across as more eloquent, idiomatic and professional to the rest of the world, so no one would ever know that English isn’t my first language.

Language editing is not the same as ‘script editing’ in the film industry sense. For more about script editing, see Script editors and writers: an overview by Script Angels.

I edit content to help you maximise impact. Tell me what you need.