I deliver accurate, intuitive and high-quality translations, ensuring that they work in the way you need them to and are in keeping with your brand, messaging and house style.

I work from Spanish and Portuguese into English, and offer:

  • Translation
  • Revision (of texts already translated into English)
  • Copyediting and proofreading (of texts written in English)

I can work with anything from your website, marketing materials and press releases to editorial pieces and interviews, or itineraries and internal communications: whatever you need.

I will:

  • Provide a personal service, single point of contact and a prompt response to your questions.
  • Research thoroughly to ensure that I understand your content and its context and produce an accurate translation that reads naturally in English, using the appropriate terminology.
  • Work with you, raising any ambiguities in the text to ensure that you get the best possible translation, and one that is fit for purpose.
  • Use any subject-specific glossaries you might have to ensure that terms are translated consistently and in the language you prefer.