diligence, integrity and, above all, absolute professionalism.

Eva Tarr-Kirkhope, London Latin American Film Festival

great sensitivity to the cultural context and target audience

Belisario Nieto, Commonwealth Foundation

capable of travelling from one language to the other while respecting
the genius and personality of both

Toni Tobella, Incyta (translation agency)

Kate has been a great asset to Progressio’s work and I would fully recommend her services

Georgina Nicoli, Progressio (NGO)


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About me

I am a native English speaker, born and raised in the UK, and besides language and translation studies my background is in communications in the UK public and international development sectors. More…

Kate Hartley

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Ferran Adrià: “El Bulli no vuelve, El Bulli nunca se fue” @lavanguardia https://t.co/JCyFuZ4R4W

Read between the lines: be sure your translation gets a human touch…

Free online translation tools, without doubt, offer a quick way to get the gist. As long as you are wise to the fact that you cannot take the translation at face value, and take time to read between the lines, you will often find that a tool basically does what it says on the tin…

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