With a Master’s degree in translation and a background in communications in the UK public and international development sectors, I translate and edit content from Spanish and Portuguese into English.

Marketing and communications: corporate communications; marketing materials and presentations; web copy, newsletters and blogs; communications and business development strategies; advertising and promotional materials; speeches and interviews.

I also have specific experience in membership marketing, recruitment and retention, strategy and member services.

International development: campaigns and communications; programmes; monitoring and evaluation. I translate project reports and evaluations; case studies and interviews; editorials; blogs and newsletters.

I have experience in the areas of maternal and child nutrition and health; HIV and AIDS; public health; women’s rights; governance and participation; agriculture and food security; environment and sustainable development.

Culture: Latin American and Spanish film, travel and gastronomy, and theatre and dance, including blog posts and editorials, travel guide content, film synopses, newsletters and interviews.