Arts and culture, including gastronomy

I have extensive experience in reviewing translations of arts and culture content from Spanish into English. These have mostly been translations for curated online exhibitions, editorial pieces and marketing content produced by a variety of museums and cultural institutions in Spanish-speaking countries.

As a result, the subjects have ranged from contemporary dance, art and architecture to wine, olive oil and gastronomy, including haute cuisine.

Working on such a variety of subjects demands a keen ability to research. It is also vital to ensure that you provide the right level of detail and context to engage English-speaking audiences. For example, a text written for a Spanish-speaking audience may include cultural references that would mean absolutely nothing to someone in the UK without some added detail or context.

I review content for the arts and culture platform of a global tech company. Please feel free to ask me for more details.

Marketing and communications

I have translated and edited marketing and communications materials for private companies, EU and UN institutions and NGOs.

My work ensures that corporate content you produce is tailored to your English-speaking audiences. Not only should it be clear and easy to read, it should convey your brand and messaging appropriately.

I can also help you ensure that your marketing and communications materials are consistent.

For instance, your house style should be applied to everything, from case studies, promotional materials and video scripts to internal communications and corporate social responsibility reports.

International development

I used to work in communications in the UK international development sector (at Bond). Since then, I have translated and edited materials for a range of international organisations. These include the European Parliament, European Commission, EU and UN agencies, and NGOs.

Whether case studies, monitoring and evaluation materials, programme reports or editorial pieces – I can make sure they communicate as clearly and effectively as possible. Most importantly, my work helps international organisations demonstrate impact to their English-speaking audiences.

Kate has been a great asset to Progressio’s work and I would fully recommend her services.

Georgina Nicoli
Recruitment, Selection and Training Officer at Progressio (NGO)

I edit content to help you maximise impact. Tell me what you need.